Opulent Illusions

Vortex Bracelet - Back ViewRecently I was invited to create a body of work for an exhibition at Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery called Matter of Material. I wanted to do something extra special with this opportunity and I am so excited with how the final pieces turned out! The exhibition runs July 22nd – August 11th, be sure to check it out if you are in the Seattle area.

Facere_Matter_of_Material_ShowCard-back Facere_Matter_of_Material_ShowCard- front




Opulent Illusions – Artist Statement

For this collection I chose to work with op art. I love how a static image can appear to have movement and I wanted to use the layered acrylic process to further manipulate this movement and accentuate the optical effects. To accomplish this I chose to work with rounded shapes and sculpt the acrylic into domed forms. The imagery reflects through the curves and becomes further distorted. As you view each piece from various angles the imagery distorts in different ways and accentuates the movement of the op art. The images come to life and have a luscious feel that I wanted to play up by pairing it with gold. The vibrant amber colors radiating from the layers of 23k gold leaf ad a richness and warmth that juxtapose the black and white graphics and the simple acrylic and paper materials.