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Jennifer Merchant Design specializes in art jewelry for the fashion conscious. Known for her innovative Layered Acrylic technique, artist Jennifer Merchant creates intriguing jewelry pieces that appear vibrant from one angle of view and transparent from another.

Inspired by faceted geometric forms, pop art, fashion and art deco;  Jennifer creates bold jewelry that is sure to start a conversation. Through the layered acrylic process she explores transparency, reflection and magnification to create graphic illusions that change as a piece is viewed from different angles. A labor intensive process, each piece is sculpted by hand from a unique slab of printed papers and metal foils layered between solid acrylic sheet. Using pages from books and various print materials, Jennifer meticulously selects patterns and dynamic color combinations to create intriguing compositions within each layer. Using a combination of metalsmithing and woodworking tools and techniques, Jennifer enjoys creating unexpected wearable objects that are artful and fashion forward.

The images featured in Jennifer’s work are primarily found in books. She hunts down new and used books, many about artists, and rips out the pages she likes to sandwich between acrylic. So often beautiful books filled with amazing images sit on a shelf rarely to be looked at. By destroying these beloved books, Jennifer is able to share these images in a new context and offer a way to admire them effortlessly by relocating them to the body. Many layered acrylic designs feature double sided imagery and can be worn two ways.

Image By Victor Wolansky
Image By Victor Wolansky