Senior Thesis Work

The following are pieces that I made during my Bachelor of Fine Art studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design for my senior thesis. The overall objective of my thesis was to experiment with alternative materials and techniques to produce glamorous bracelets.

In this first piece my goal was to create a bracelet that was not only glamorous and fashionable, but functional as well. I came up with the idea of a series of ‘Utility Bangles.’ Unfortunately the execution was much more complex than I had originally intended, so I only finished one bangle in this series of designs. This piece is titled ‘The All in One’ and is an electro-formed bangle meant to be a sort of purse that holds all of the essentials. My other designs included a version for smokers that included a built in lighter and held cigarets, and another that functioned more as a wallet.

The remaining thesis pieces are Corian linked bracelets that I designed with CAD software and milled with a CNC milling machine. My goal with these bracelets was to meld modern materials and techniques with classic art deco design to create glamorous bracelets inspired by Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.’

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