Layered Acrylic Jewelry

Layered Acrylic Jewelry is created by sandwiching paper between sheets of solid acrylic. The paper used to create these colorful and graphic designs is sourced from international magazines and books. Each piece is one of a kind and is cut and sculpted by hand. Layered acrylic jewels are especially unique, featuring bright and colorful imagery when viewed from one angle, while they appear transparent from another.

Classic Collection

Faceted Collection

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2 thoughts on “Layered Acrylic Jewelry

  1. Love your designs!
    What size wrist[s] do / does your bracelets
    Same for rings, what is your size range?

    Looking forward,

    • Grace,
      My rings and bracelets are available in any size imaginable. If I don’t have anything in stock in your size, I can always make a piece custom sized just for you!

      I have sent you an email as well, please feel free to contact me with any more questions.

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