There’s Nothing Like A Catwalk!

Ok, so this post is a bit over due… but better late than never… right?!

MN Fashion week has come to an end, but what a week it was! I made it out to a few key events; Envision Artopia, Voltage: Fashion Amplified, and the Sol Inspirations Eco Fashion Show. I would have loved to have gone to more, but I had my hands full finishing up my spring collection of jewelry. I had the honor of showing my collection with the fashions of Frances Zerr on Voltage runway!

I was quite impressed with Voltage this year (and not just because I was a part of it) I had gone to the show a few years ago, and while it was well produced, I was left underwhelmed with the designs being showcased. A lot has changed since then. Minneapolis has kicked it up a notch and really seems to be gaining momentum in the fashion realm. My one criticism of the night was the music. Voltage is billed as a fashion/rock show, many of the acts were just too mellow in my opinion. Pink Mink did a great job closing out the night, they fucking rocked! But, while the other bands were talented, I feel they lacked the energy that is needed for a fashion show, especially when the crowd is on their feet for over 3 hours. In fact, music seemed to be an issue at all of the fashion events I attended this year. DJ Sheik was brought in to spin at both the Envision Artopia and the Sol Inspirations shows. I hope they didn’t pay her too much… she mostly played music from 10-15 years ago. We’re there to see forward thinking fashions, why not give us some forward thinking music to go along with it?!

Ok, on to the goodies! I had the pleasure of collaborating with the lovely Frances Zerr to create a bold line of jewelry to accent her awesome sporty spring collection. This was my first time showing on the runway, so I wanted to capture all of the excitement behind the scenes. Below are few shots I managed to get backstage (it was majorly crowded back there!) of our beautiful models. Also, I’ve included some photographs from Jules Christman of our looks going down the runway.

I was elated to be a part of the show, but a bit bummed I didn’t get to see the whole thing. Luckily Frances and I showed 3rd, so I got to see the entire second half of the show! I even managed to get a front row spot thanks to my mom for getting there early and snagging some prime real estate next to the runway. What a great night!!

Check out more awesome photos from the show on one of my fav local fashion blogs Art of Wore!

There were so many talented local Minneapolis designers that showed during MN Fashion Week this year, check out some of my personal favorites!

Jagress Intimates
Nikki English
Needle and Black
Max Lorbach
Raul Osorio
Emma Berg

Alright New York, Paris, and Milan…. Minneapolis is comin’ for ya! Ok, we may not be at that caliber yet, but we’re workin’ on it!!

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