Image By Victor Wolansky

Image By Victor Wolansky

Artist Jennifer Merchant specializes in jewelry sculpted from non traditional materials. Acrylic, paper, and corian are transformed into one of a kind creations that are a refreshing alternative to the status quo.

Layered Acrylic Chain Link NecklaceImage of myself

Artist Statement                                                                                                                    

I enjoy the element of surprise in creating new and exciting things. Educated in metalsmithing, I now seek alternative materials to transform into wearable art. Through my jewelry I aim to encourage one to see value in craftsmanship and innovation over the inherent value of its materials.

Pop art, geometric form and art deco design are the core inspirations for layered acrylic jewelry. I experimented for years to develop this process in which I layer solid acrylic sheet with imagery torn from the pages of books and magazines. Intriguing patterns and dynamic color combinations are meticulously selected from these pages and carefully aligned with the jewelry forms to create graphic manipulations of the original image. The finished pieces draw interest with bright colors and graphic designs from one angle of view, while remaining transparent from another. The acrylic showcases and reflects the imagery adding depth through layers and faceted angles.

Unlike much of the mass produced acrylic jewelry on the market, no molds or robotic tools are used in the creation of layered acrylic jewelry. All of my work is fabricated by hand; jewelry forms are cut from slabs of layered acrylic and sculpted into their final forms. There is no quick and easy way to make this type of work; it is truly a labor of love. In the end the process has become just as large a focus for me as the finished pieces themselves. Each piece of jewelry carries with it my passion for craft, and I hope to inspire and pass on that passion to those who wear it.

I also create jewelry from corian, which has the appearance and luxurious feel of stone without weighing you down. Combining old Hollywood glamor and geometric forms, I create pieces that convey a modern sense of glamor.

Black & Red Bracelet Original ImageBlack & Red Channel Set Bangle

Corian Faceted Hinged Bracelets

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